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These beautiful images are courtesy of

We are an affordable IT team for your small to medium sized business. Locking in your reduced rate for the year saves you money.

We also offer remote-access service to help reduce down-time during your busiest season.
— Amy Patt

Client Assessments



Do you have slow systems? Too many paper files?

We can clean up your computers to make them run faster. We will also scan your documents on-site and expand your data access.


How are your SOP’s?

If you have increasing bottlenecks, excessive work in progress, or your productivity is low, it might mean that an investment in software, training or workflow is needed.


Is your POS system working?

We will look at your current system and make sure you have the best system for your needs.


Running out of hard drive space?

You might not need to buy a new whole new system. We will assess your computer’s drive space, memory, and the capability of the system you already have.